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The Neighborhood Vampire

The Neighborhood Series: Book Two

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Available Feb 2024

All is Fair in Love and Wine

Alice Primrose is a witch who has it all: her own wine brand, friends who accept her witchy ways, and her supportive and loving boyfriend, Hugo Dodds. Despite all the recent changes, Alice is safe in her new home of Newbury Grove.


However, Alice’s past has a way of catching up to her. Alice’s watchful eyes guard a powerful spell coveted and fought over for centuries. She protects it closely, knowing there are people who would stop at nothing to uncover its secrets. When they learned Alice had possession of the spell, they forced her to run away from her old life.


Now, unexplainable events plague Newbury Grove. After the mysterious Sylvia and Sebastian Savino move in next door, Alice and Hugo’s life turns upside down. They put their relationship to the test as the Savinos gradually unveil their hidden motives. They are vampires who desire the spell for their own nefarious deeds.


Alice ran from her past once, but this time things aren’t so simple. Alice risks losing more than her home. Will Alice finally confront her past or run away once again?

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