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A Widower, A Witch, And Wine.


After the untimely passing of his wife, Hugo Dodds is numb, grief-stricken, and haunted by the memories of a life taken from him all too soon. Though his small-town Ohio neighbors try to help him move on with blind dates and encouragement, he is unable to let go of his beloved Elizabeth.


But when a late-night backyard encounter introduces Hugo to his eccentric new neighbor, Alice Primrose, he feels a spark of change in him. Alice’s zest, hope, and optimism give him new life. As their relationship develops, he discovers that Alice is secretly a witch who specializes in making magical wine.


Alice opens Hugo up to a world he never knew existed. She teaches him how to ride a broomstick, the finer points of magical wine making, and how to enjoy life again. But as his feelings for Alice grow, Hugo struggles with the ultimate question: Is he finally ready to move on, or is this new love a betrayal to Elizabeth?

The Neighborhood Witch Gothic Romance Novel. The Neighborhood Series: Book One
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Available Feb 2024

All is Fair in Love & Wine

Alice Primrose is a witch who has it all. A wine brand to call her own. Friends who accept her witchy ways. A supportive and loving boyfriend in Hugo Dodds. Alice thought she was safe in her new home of Newbury Grove.

However, Alice’s past has a way of catching up to her. Alice is the secret guardian of a powerful spell that has been coveted and fought over for centuries. There are those who are willing to do anything to acquire it. When it was learned Alice had possession of the spell, she was forced to ran away from her old life.

Now, unexplainable events plague the small town of Newbury Grove. After the mysterious Sylvia and Sebastian Salvatore move in next door, Alice and Hugo’s life begin to turn upside down. Alice ran from her past once, but this time things aren’t so simple. Will Alice finally confront her past or run away once again?

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Upcoming Appearances

Getting Witchy With It

Saturday & Sunday Author

Boston Marriott Peabody Hotel

Salem, MA

September 16 & 17, 2023

Rave 2023 at 20Books Vegas

Friday Author

Horseshoe Convention Center

Las Vegas, NV

November 10, 2023


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Christopher M. Mason Author Logo The Neighborhood Witch


Welcome, Dear Reader!

Christopher M. Mason is an author fueled by a lifelong passion for gothic and paranormal stories. In 2023, he introduced readers to a magical and intriguing world in his debut novel, “The Neighborhood Witch.”


Christopher is a graduate of Wright State University, where he learned the art of storytelling. By flickering candlelight, he creates new characters and imaginative adventures for readers. He holds the belief that stories are a source of light amidst the darkness, allowing the ordinary to escape into extraordinary adventures.

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